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Newsflash: Chamberlink introduces all new online OHS training.

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Occupational health and safety are of the most essential elements of the workplace which are not to be taken lightly.
The new normal has led to technology being on the rise, this can be seen through companies utilizing cloud software as well as through the rapid increase in Online OHS training. This method of OHS training brought on a complete new and cost and time effective way to have the training done. Online learning also known as E-Learning is highly recommended as it offers an array of advantages and makes the training process much easier for both employers and employees.

This form of learning provides learners a safe and risk-free environment where they can participate and interact without fear of failure or embarrassment. There is also a greater sense of flexibility that E-Learning provides. Employees have busy lifestyles including work and fitting in training to their schedule could be difficult to manage especially if they are required to be physically present at a centralized facility for training. E-Learning provides flexibility in a sense that employees can access and complete the training at their desired time and location of their choice. E-Learning allows for timely assessment feedback, marking scripts and assessments manually could take a lot of time and in some cases, results could get lost, but with E-Learning results are presented and saved digitally. With E-Learning, organizations with a large workforce can distribute learning material simultaneously to all employees without worrying about a centralized facility.

For many years Chamberlink has offered Occupational Health and Safety training in a manner that required those who registered for training to be physically present at our premises. We have now taken a step to move with the times and simplify our training to best suit interested candidates and employers. With that said Chamberlink introduces our all new online OHS training. Training can now be completed in the comfort of your home or office or anywhere deemed comfortable and most conducive to learning. All you need now is a device such as a smart phone, tablet, laptop, and an incredibly good internet connection which makes the training process very efficient and safe especially during our present times. This method of training is also much cheaper as it eliminates costs that would normally be incurred for transport and food. Chamberlink’s all new online OHS training consists of e-learning courses which are powered by Safety Wallet. The e-learning courses are accessed through a safe and easy to navigate interface upon completion of registration and from there the training can then commence.

You can register for the training now by following this link:

Electronic Learning

  • The overall training consists of 29 courses each covering a range of completely different topics of which should be completed individually.
  • Each course has a different duration in minutes. This is dependent on the number of topics that are to be covered in that specific course.
  • The pass mark for each course is 75%, this is the requirement for successful completion of each course and certification of the course.
  • The National Qualifications Framework (NQF) levels is different for each course
  • The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points is different for each course.

Important to note is that one seat equals to the complete training which consists of 29 courses. Interested parties qualify to register for 29 seats at a time. Non- members can book a seat today from as little as R656 per seat (R656*29 equals R19024 for all 29 courses). Become a member today and save BIG get 80% Discounts on all your courses. With courses starting at as low as R130 means that members will be paying R130*29 courses which equals to R3770.00 for all 29 courses.

For detailed information on each course and to register visit:

Electronic Learning

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