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    Particulars of Person/s attending: Certificates will not be issued if spelling/writing is illegible. (attach copy of I.D) *

      Terms and Conditions

      • Delegates reservation forms to be submitted at the latest 7 days before training
      • Forms available on our website, via e-mail, telephone or from our Consultants
      • Training will only take place if reservation forms have been completed and faxed or e-mailed to us at 086 773 8022 or
      • All training fees must be paid 48 hours before the training date
      • Cancellations 50% if cancelled less than 2 days from agreed training date/s.
      • Confirmation letters and Invoices will be e-mailed or faxed to each company 48 hours before training date/s.
      • Chamberlink reserves the right to change/cancel/re-schedule training dates or venue without prior notification.
      • Please note: Do not make payments without an invoice. We will only confirm your booking once we receive the completed registration form.
      • Payment method (Please do not mail any payments)
      • Electronic Transfer or Direct Deposit

      Account Name: Chamberlink
      Branch Code: 632005
      Account No: 4056364501