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Covid-19 Workplace Induction e-Learning Training Course

Course Highlights

  • NQF Level: NA
  • CPD Points: 2
  • Topics: 11
  • Duration: 195 Minutes
  • Audio: Yes Responsive: Yes
  • Pass Mark: 75%
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  • Health, Safety and Environmental Practitioners
  • Line managers
  • Workplace Occupational Practitioners
  • Risk and/or Insurance Assessors, and
  • Individuals appointed or designated as Incident/Accident Investigators.
  • All employees potentially exposed to communal working areas.


This course covers the most essential parts of what should be known regarding Covid-19, its history, transmission, most common signs and symptoms, possible treatments, and the prevention of the spread and transmission thereof.
Where Covid-19 and the exposure thereof are concerned, there are numerous areas in and across the workplace which must be considered. This includes the effective management of health and social risks relating to Covid-19 where employees, contractors, and visitors are concerned. This is to ensure that all staff and contractors have undergone Covid-19 induction training along with pre-screening of contractor and visitor arrivals and the subsequent establishment of a Covid-19 Incident Management Programme.
Due to constant changes in the nature of the situation almost daily, and in different ways across South Africa and cities around the world, it is imperative to develop preparedness and response plans for Covid-19 prevention in the workplace.
This involves the consideration of all workspaces and duties of workers and the identification and mitigation of potential sources of exposure.
Whether organisations operate in high impact hot zones or one that is opening with reduced restrictions, it is imperative for employers, employees, contractors, and visitors to attend a thorough induction program on Covid-19 aspects such as:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Local health authority updates
  • Alerts
  • Protocols, and site access information to ensure that employees and organisations are ready to return to work safely and that all in the organisation are aware of the risks and practices associated with Covid-19 while working on site.


To ensure and to facilitate the development and implementation of communication regarding employee protection from Covid-19.
This includes the management of exposure and exposure classification through a well-formulated and vigorous Policy and Procedure framework.
This course aims to prepare employees, contractors, and visitors in returning to work. It is imperative to make use of tools provided not only to assess the workplace risk levels but to ensure the safety in both lower- and medium exposure risk jobs.



Upon completion of this course, the attending candidate will be able to:

  • Identify and outline the origin of the Coronavirus, indicate the most common effects, and the best possible treatment of exposure
  • Know and identify the most common signs and symptoms
  • Describe and formulate possible guidelines and protocols including policies and procedures for managing and containing the spread and transmission of Covid-19.
  • Assist in the outlining of policies and procedures for the treatment of possible Covid-19 infections, and
  • Discuss the recommendations and precautionary measures prescribed to the prevention of transmission of Covid-19 by the South African Department of Health, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organisation.


The content of this course is formulated around the guidelines as per the World Health Organisation, or WHO, the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, and the South African Department of Health. The content covered includes, but is not limited to:

  • An introduction to Covid-19
  • Preparation of the workplace post-Covid-19 lockdown
  • Policy and procedures for the prompt identification and isolation of possible or suspected Covid-19 positive individuals
  • Policy and procedure for isolation
  • Development, implementation and communication of workplace flexibilities and protection, and
  • How to protect workers, classifying worker exposure including job classifications at lower, medium-, and high-risk exposure activities.


The candidate attending the course will be assessed against the outcomes of each element through the completion of a subscribed knowledge assessment along with a practical assessment. These assessments will cover the essential embedded knowledge as stipulated in the course and will ensure that the candidate can apply the learning to a working situation.


To gain access to this training program, it is mandatory that the employer subscribe to the SafetyWallet membership subscription so that the learner can enrol to any of the Health and Safety e-Learning training programmes.
Attending candidates must obtain a pass mark of at least 75% or higher is necessary in each Modular Assessment. Should these conditions have been met, the candidate will receive an accredited Certificate of Completion.